YOUR LAST WISH Send You Into “Exile” In This Exclusive Band Playthrough Premiere

Formed in Montreal back in the glory days of 2003, YOUR LAST WISH is a fucking ferocious melodic death metal band along the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Soilwork, and old school Arch Enemy. If you guys are into melodic thrash, fast double bass action, and RIFFS, then this is the band for you. I mean riffs on riffs on RIFFS!


In this exclusive playthrough, the band shreds through their track “Exile,” taken off their new album Eradicate, which was self-released on February 23, 2020. That means it’s already out! Check it out HERE. And check out the SIQQ album artwork:

From the band:

“This song has a strong post-apocalyptic ambiance well complemented by Roxana’s intimidating growls and brutal war calls. Backed up by tasteful grooves of pounding drums and odd progressions, the razor edge blazing guitar riffs and arpeggiated shreds truly makes everything go into exile!”


Roxana Bouchard – Vocals
David Gagné – Guitar
Michael Cope – Guitar
Peter Hamm – Bass
Blake Lemieux – Drums

Interested in more? Check out the band’s Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channel.

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