No “Smoke and Mirrors” To Be Seen In THE FIVE HUNDRED’s Dual Guitar Playthrough


Sometimes your day could use a melodic and memorable metalcore hook. Throw in some spanky two-handed tapping riffs and breakdowns? Now you’ve got yourself a modern metal stew going! The Five Hundred are here to feed!

Mark Byrne and Paul Doughty let their fingers fly in this dual guitar playthrough of “Smoke and Mirrors” from the upcoming Bleed Red— due August 17th. Paul makes it look effortless but he’s also putting in a lot of work to make it that way. Paul was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome in his teens and found that music helped him with his ticks. He talks about how it’s affected his life on his blog:

You can preorder Bleed Red now!

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This Gear Demigod majored in Communications and Media and minored in Sound Design at DePaul and is currently looking for a tuning lower than drop Q.

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