LATTERMATH Recruits DREWSIF REYNOLDS For New Single “Desolation”

Lattermath is about to prog your day all the way up with a brand new single “Desolation” featuring vocalist Drewsif Reynolds (DSME, Greylotus, To the Ark). The single comes alongside a single directed, shot, and edited by Braydn Walker for maximum impact. It’s fantastic.


“I remember when Derek and I started writing this song from just an instrumental process at first, I deliberately wanted to inject a little love for Opeth into this track,” said vocalist Eli Cutting. “I think that definitely came through here and there, while intertwining that influence with our own sounds, I was really enjoying the whole contrast of that.”

“To put it simply, the story we’re telling in the video is about battling inner demons. In terms of lyrical meaning, The song is about depression, and my personal feelings when I’ve been truly depressed, sitting in that void, seeking isolation, when I know I shouldn’t be. Honesty was the goal for the entire new album (TBA) and this song is no exception, to reach out and know people can always relate, emotional intensity has always been a part of our passion in terms of our chosen musical direction, and it only makes sense to be completely open and just real with people, that way you’re truly trying to SAY something. To say you’re not alone if you feel this way too sometimes, and that it’s ok. Raising awareness, empathizing, and normalizing the stigmas of depression, in an attempt to be truly cathartic to that emotional space.”

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