LAMPR3A Comes Into 2/22/22 With New Song “22:22”

Instrumental progressive metal band Lampr3a is celebrating this special 2days with a brand new single “22:22.” Conceptually the song isn’t quite as sunny and fun as the whole “2sday” thing, but it IS really good.


“’22:22′ is based on a brief story of a girl´s last day of life who deals with mental illness and tries to feel something. She has been dead in life for a long time and no matter how hard she tries with different stimuli, she does not succeed.

“This is a common case, and we just want to offer all our support and solidarity to all those people who feel this way, and tell them that they will never be alone. This new single is a turning point for the band & It won´t be included on the new album. It marks a new era.”

Check out Lampr3a‘s music here.

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