JAMES NORBERT IVANYI – Exclusive “The Matter Circumvention” Official Video Premiere

This week is like an Australia Week reunion! Just yesterday we ran a post on Hollow World’s new playthrough on their Ormsby guitars, and now we’ve got this cool official music video for the title track on James Norbert Ivanyi’s album The Matter Circumvention. All we need to complete the reunion is some kind of content from Plini and then everything’s coming up Millhouse!


JNI is the kind of guy who goes about things very thoughtfully – you can tell from his playing and compositional style – he doesn’t just go balls out from the start. Everything in this song is a careful and controlled build to the heavy and somewhat psychedelic ending. His playing is stellar and tasteful, with the song being reminiscent of modern Opeth with some very cool twists.

The cinematography is what struck me most about this video, with some very cool use of the incidental lights that exist in a well-equipped studio. See if you can recognize some of the outboard gear by their blurry lights alone.

Need more JNI? Check out our interview and Rigged with him. And don’t leave without clicking over to James’ Bandcamp page to treat yourself to the rest of his album.

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