HYVMINE Lands “Coup De Grace” With New Single From FIGHT OR FLIGHT EP


Devin Townsend and Rings of Saturn aren’t the only ones to write about planetary invasion! LA’s Hyvmine bring us to the outer limits with their new single “Coup De Grace” from the forthcoming Fight or Flight EP.

Singer and guitarist Al Joseph said this about the track:

“This tune is about landing the final blow, hence the name. At this point in the story our earth has been invaded and is under martial law. As our hero is plotting our freedom, you could hear in the verses the dialogue that hero is having with the invaders and in the chorus the message, ‘they’re coming to crush the world,’ or land the final blow to take over our planet! I like this tune because it has sort of a futuristic vibe to it. I also like getting the opportunity to incorporate more of our Dream Theater influence as well. This song has a really great balance between technicality and musicality.”

You can find out how the invasion ends this summer when Fight or Flight gets released! Follow Hyvmine on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp, and follow them on Spotify to hear Fight or Flight when it drops this Friday, July 13th!

Our editor-in-chief Trey had this to say about the new EP: “Hyvmine may be a new entity, but they’re really coming into their own with Fight or Flight. The sound they’ve cultivated on this EP is both familiar enough and different enough to engage both fans of prog metal and mainstream music fans alike. Hooky songs with big riffs and the cleanest shredding you’ll hear this year are just the cherry on top of the tasty sundae of Al Joseph’s huge singing voice. This band is poised to make waves this year, so watch them closely!”

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