Furious Fingers Fly In “Fervor For Flesh”, BEGAT THE NEPHILIM Exclusive Guitar Playthrough

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Blast beats, orchestral blasts, and virtuosic shredding. Where can you find all these elements? In the debut album of Begat The Nephilim! Watch as Cam Dupere absolutely demolishes in this guitar playthrough of “Fervor for Flesh”.

Cam’s riffing is punishing and only adds to the the intensity of Tyler Smith’s guttural utterances and Josh Richardson’s frantic foot work. His Guitarmory loaded Jeff Loomis Signature Schecter sounds terrific with his fingers flying all over the fretboard. When he’s not shredding, he’s cooling down with a nice and crisp beer (which looks like it hits the spot). It all adds up to something incredibly epic sounding with the piano and strings. If you like epic orchestral metal, Begat the Nephilim will show you a good time. Their debut album The Surreptitious Prophecy/Mother of Blasphemy is out now via Unholy Anarchy Records and you’ll be able to catch them on tour this October!

Check out the video for “Cardboard Casket”!

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