AVIATIONS Soar Above the Rest with Exclusive New Single “Concrete Kitten”


Well, by golly. Not every day you hear a band that blows your mind to shit (in a good way), eh? You may have never heard the boys in Aviations before, but now you’re going to want to be their new best friends because they have got one mighty sound on their hands. And we were lucky enough to premiere the song “Concrete Kitten” from their upcoming release The Light Years, only right here, on Gear Gods!

Sonically, this tune is piquing all sorts of interests. You’ve got CHON-esque light and airy guitars. Vocals that are reminiscent of something you’d find in a Mandroid Echostar song. And to top it off, the overall aesthetic of a Safety Fire or Dance Gavin Dance tune. But, none of the elements overpower each other. Everything has its place in the spotlight and it all flows together rea– WAS THAT A JAZZ PIANO SOLO? Alright, guys. You got me. This is butter zone of tunes. I’m in.

Aviations’ new album The Light Years drops January 18th (that’s in two days for those playing at home) and I have a feeling it’s going to be tasty. Make sure to pick it up on their Bandcamp. Also, like em’ out on Facebook! They deserve what’s coming to them and then some for this sucker.


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