ARKAIK Release “Occultivation” Guitar Playthrough and Announce New Full-Time Guitarist


I’ve been a fan of Arkaik for a good while now. I can remember working on my super boring college English papers while listening to their 2010 release Reflections Within Dissonance. Since then I have come to know many of the guys in the band, all of whomst’d’ve are very good fellas. As a matter of fact, my band (Rivers of Nihil) is on tour right now and actually crashed at their drummer’s house last night to get some showers and catch some z’s! Anyways, enough with my boring history of knowing this band…

Last week guitarist Greg Paulson announced his stepping down from the band as the main songwriter. But don’t fret, because in his absence Cris Portugal will be stepping up as an official full-time member of the band and will be taking on most of the creative/writing duties. Still not convinced? Well, check out Cris’ newest guitar playthrough for the song “Occultivation”, from the band’s 2017 album Nemethia. I may be biased because he’s wearing my band’s t-shirt, but I think he’s gonna be just fine. We can definitely expect to hear some super sick shit out of this band in the coming months. I have some top secret insider info that the stuff that Arkaik has planned is gonna rip dicks.

From Arkaik:

We are excited to finally announce that Cris Portugal will be officially joining the ARKAIK team full time. If you saw us live on our last couple tours, you’ve already seen Cris tear it up with us on stage. Over the past few months Cris has proven to be a worthy addition to the band, and an all around rad dude. Everything from his technique, to his writing and his attitude towards heavy music is in alignment with our purpose and style. We are stoked to see where the journey takes us with Cris on board!

Statement from Cris:

I’m very exited to join ARKAIK and to see what lies ahead. There are many faces to be melted, beers to be drank, tacos to be demolished, and metal to be played! For Stage gear I use a Marshall 1960 A JCM 900 4×12 slant cab, An eleven rack amp emulator, and a ROCKTRON VELOCITY 250 power amp (i’m about due for an upgrade on this one). For at home recordings and play through videos I still use the eleven rack but it goes through a pair or MACKIE MR 5 active studio monitors. The axe is a Legator Ninja R 300-PRO Multi Scale 7 String, AKA NRF7-300. Maple-Mahogany body, 5 piece Maple-Walnut neck, Ebony fretboard with a 25.5″ – 27″ scale, and the legator stock pick ups.

Be sure to catch Arkaik on this year’s Devastation on the Nation tour!

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