NAVENE KOPERWEIS and CHANEY CRABB Discuss Realities of Being a Heavy Musician On Their First-Ever Podcast KOPERCRABB

Two members of ENTHEOS have released the first installment in a podcast series called the KoperCrabb Podcast. In this episode, they chronicle the hardships and what it really means to be a musician in the heavy music scene.


Both Navene and Chaney are part of the technical death metal band ENTHEOS which is one of the more successful acts within that genre. Even still, getting by on a daily basis is incredibly difficult. Bills still need to be paid, and an art form as extreme as technical death metal often had difficulty bringing in much profit.

So they go in-depth with what they’re doing to not only get by but keep their passion and artistic freedom intact and alight. I’m stoked about the honesty and genuineness that both of the hosts show throughout their discussions.

This is definitely worth listening to. Check it out above and give their channel a follow.You can follow the KoperCrabb Podcast on Facebook here, and listen on Google Play and Spotify. It’ll be released on Apple Music and more soon.

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