ZAC TIESSEN: Pianist LUKE MARTIN Takes The High Road In This Exclusive Piano Playthrough of “Detour”


If you’re a fan of newer progressive music, you might be familiar with the work of guitarist Zac Tiessen. The 22-year-old musician has been making cinematic prog for his solo project for quite some time and released his newest single “Detour” in October of this year. Tackling keys on the track is pianist Luke Martin, whose piano playthrough for the song we are delighted to share with you today! Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!

Now, this track is something pretty special. Fusing modern proggy guitars with orchestral elements, there’s something for all kinds of music fans here. And that’s without mentioning Luke, who truly brings the song to life with his melodic and expressive playing on the keys. The dude has played for acts like Plini and Nick Johnston, so it’s no surprise that he’s knocked this one out of the park as well. To hear how everything blends together even better, you can hear the full song and watch the music video for it below.

Get “Detour” on Zac’s Bandcamp, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Luke on Facebook and Instagram, for all kinds of wonderful jams from these talented musicians.

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