When Hannes Grossmann Drums, You Listen

One of my favorite drummers, who seems so often to be critically overlooked, is Hannes Grossmann. The German national once handled throne duties in Obscura and Necrophagist, and currently serves as the main skinner for Alkaloid and one of my personal favorite modern projects, Blotted Science.


I’m less familiar with Alkaloid, but I’m sure that fans of the music we write about will enjoy their insane, intricate, take on metal. In the below playthrough video for “Alter Magnitudes,” Grossmann basically shows us what the meaning of the word “chop” is. I mean, this song is a workout and a half, and a reminder that speed is only one half of the equation – endurance is just as important. Check it out below:

Alkaloid dropped The Malkuth Grimoire in May, and also set the new standard for album titles in the process.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.