WES HAUCH Decimates This Demo Of Toontrack’s Death & Darkness SDX

Wes Hauch is a dude who’s name is pretty much synonymous with the word “premium.” Doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about riffs, solos, composition, guitar tone, jokes, or t-shirt selection (if you know you know.) Wes has been rather quiet lately which leads me to wonder if he’s up to something BIG. Could the music in this video be new Alluvial material? Guess we will have to wait and see.


In this two minute clip which was filmed, edited, and mixed by none other than John Douglass from Vorticist Studios (of Contortionist, Carnifex, and Fallujah fame) we see Wes take us through a dizzying journey utilizing the new Mark Lewis/Tue Madsen Death & Darkness SDX drum pack from Toontrack. In addition to the SDX Wes is using the Mark Lewis Metal Tones EzMix Pack and the Metal Guitar Gods 4 EzMix Pack. It also looks like Wes is using his new Ibanez LACS Iceman 7 string loaded up with his signature Jupiter pickup from Seymour Duncan, so its no wonder the tone in this video is absolutely devastating.

Every November is Metal Month for Toontrack, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for further announcements since we are only about halfway through this month.

Death & Darkness SDX
Mark Lewis Metal Tones EzMix Pack
Metal Guitar Gods 4 EzMix Pack
Seymour Duncan Jupiter Pickup

Wes Hauch on Facebook
Alluvial on Facebook
John Douglass Official Website

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