VIRVUM: EXCLUSIVE Guitar Playthrough With Carillion Guitars


Virvum’s Toby Koelman shows off his killer new Polaris from Carillion Guitars in this playthrough of Ad Rigorem off of Illuminance. His Carillion includes the Aftermath and VHII from Bare Knuckle Pickups and they sound super tight! Toby dominates the fretboard and rips through this track with speed and clarity: I don’t think he even blinks in this video! I wish I could play guitar that easily.

It’s always amazing when I see musicians get so proficient at their instruments, especially as a guitarist. The time you have to put in for practice alone is astounding. I would say Toby has definitely earned a spot on the Carillion artist roster.

Illuminance is out now and check out Virvum and Carillion Guitars on Instagram to see more of Toby’s Polaris 7. Virvum is on tour this spring in Europe with Allegaeon and Obliviscaris!

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