Video Debut – SEVEN YEAR STORM – “Morphogenesis”


Gear Gods is proud to present today the exclusive debut of “Morphogenesis” by brand new band Seven Year Storm.

Seven Year Storm is drummer/composer Sean Lang’s first outing as a solo artist. And he’s stepping out with a vengeance. Playing with him on his debut EPs Aion I & II are Archspire’s Dean Lamb on lead guitar and Brent Mackenzie of Soulscar on bass. Progressive metal grooves abound, with clean jazzy breaks and odd times in equal measure.

A drummer who composes is a rare and beautiful thing – a seldom-heard perspective in music overall, and less so in metal. It guarantees an emphasis on rhythm, of course, but Seven Year Storm is not short on melody. In fact, the composition is so varied, that you’d be hard pressed to guess that it was in fact a drummer writing the tunes.

Sean had the following to say about the track:

“Morphogenesis is the opening track to Aion I, which is available Feb. 24 online. The album features Archspire’s Dean Lamb on lead guitar, whose legendary skills are showcased in this incredibly technical track. I hope you guys enjoy watching and listening to this song as much as I did composing and recording it!”

Sean plays Mapex Drums, Axis Percussion pedals, and Los Cabos drumsticks,

Pre-order Aion I on Bandcamp here, and bask in its glory on February 24th!

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