Get Your Progressive Groove On With This New Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “OUTLAW” by UNEVEN STRUCTURE!

French progressive metal act UNEVEN STRUCTURE have just released this killer playthrough of their track “OUTLAW” by guitarist Igor Omodei, and we’re stoked to premiere it here, on Gear Gods! UNEVEN STRUCTURE has been active since 2007 and has been consistently releasing top-notch music since, and this new playthrough even has tabs to play along to. What more could you need?


Lying somewhere between the lines of Haken and Tesseract, the song “OUTLAW” is an injection of melody and rhythm that’ll both get your body moving and send your mind into the astral plane.

Just coming off of a 2018 tour with Textures and Twelve Foot Ninja, UNEVEN STRUCTURE took the energy and inspiration from the road and went right into the studio in April 2019 to record their newest album, Paragon, which drops on October 18th.

The new album thematically embodies the archetype concept put forth by psychologist Carl Jung, in which the classical western heroes of folklore and story can be all summed up as a collection of inherent traits that each individual consciously or unconsciously tries to achieve. Each of Paragon‘s songs is based on an archetype, so I’m stoked to hear how UNEVEN STRUCTURE interprets these personalities into musical pieces.

Follow UNEVEN STRUCTURE on Facebook here, YouTube here, and Instagram here to stay up to date on their musical journey. And listen to them on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play; be sure to keep on the lookout for Paragon when it comes out!

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