TOTHEARK Steel Your Heart Away In This Dual Guitar Playthrough Of “Ironside”


Maryland-based progressive metalcore outfit ToTheArk are one of the finest up-and-coming metal bands we’ve heard in a while. With the release of their new self-titled LP this past October, the dudes have a promising future ahead of them, and to show you just how they roll, guitarists Drewsif and Danny are here to play through their track “Ironside” off the new album. Check it!

This track has everything that feels right in progressive metalcore. Heavy, unrelenting riffs, tasteful shredding, and a dense-as-hell mix to tie it all together. Be sure to stream and buy a copy of the band’s latest record on their Bandcamp, as well as follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with the goods they’re dishin’ out.

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