TOTHEARK Keep Things Spooky As Hell With The Release Of Their First Self-Titled Record


Hailing all the way from Lutherville, Maryland, progressive metalcore act ToTheArk have just made their official debut with the release of their first self-titled record! As some of you reading might suspect, the band takes influence from the old YouTube series “Marble Hornets”, which was a found-footage collection of mysterious and terrifying videos that played into the uprise of the infamous Slenderman character. In addition to this show, there was a second channel titled “totheark, which contained even more spooky videos regarding the series (and is presumably where the band got their name).

ANYWAY, the band features the djenty endeavorer Drewsif on guitar and vocals, so if you’re a fan of some heavy-as-shit progressive metal goodness, you’re definitely going to want to check the album out a buy a digital copy. Do it do it do it.

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