16-Year Old Tina S Lays Steve Vai’s “For The Love of God” to Rest

We’ve covered 16-year-old Tina S on this website before, and I’ve personally praised her chops and feel for music that you don’t often see in these viral child prodigies. In the past she’s tackled solos by guitar heavyweights like Jason Becker, Dream Theater, and Yngwie Malmsteen, and now she’s back with a cover of Steve Vai’s signature piece “For the Love of God.”


I personally can’t really get down with Steve Vai’s playing, but this is a great solo, and Tina covers it basically with… complete ease. Check it out and do yourself a favor – don’t feel bad about your playing chops. At least you’re not putting them to waste on Vai tunes! Just dig that gorgeous Vigier instrument and enjoy:

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • how powerful this son is!!! its amazing~!!

    And Vai is a Genius, like it or not Max~!

  • She can definitely play, congrats! : )

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