THEIR DOGS WERE ASTRONAUTS Launch Into Orbit In This Exclusive Dual-Guitar, One Take Playthrough Of “Dreamcatcher”

Hailing all the way from the faraway land of Austria lies progressive metal duo extraordinaire Their Dogs Were Astronauts! The duo, Denis and Leonard Roth, have been going strong since 2014 making delicious instrumental progressive metal and djent songs, and are just about ready to drop their upcoming LP Dreamcatcher, which is set to release on February 6th! And to help get your eardrums ready to launch into outer space, the duo have just released this one take, dual-guitar playthrough of the title track — check it!


About the track and playthrough, the guys had this to say:

“With a little bit more than 7 minutes, ‘Dreamcatcher’ is the longest song on our upcoming record. It‘s about all the crazy and wild dreams a dreamcatcher holds back before they join you in your sleep. The liberating ending of the song then describes the process of the sun, neutralizing all the bad dreams in the morning so the dreamcatcher can do it‘s work again the next night. The song is a mixture between different styles that the newest record offers and leads the listener through dreamy melodic parts, heavy riffs, and electronic soundscapes. The one-take playthrough is an approach to show the listener what this song sounds like when we play it from start to finish. We didn‘t edit it at all so there are a few imperfections but this makes for the charm of the video, also it was a good challenge for us to play and record the 7-minute song in one take with as little mistakes as possible.”

And about the gear and recording, the band stated:

“We filmed this playthrough in one-take and recorded our guitars simultaneously. The guitar sound comes from 2 AxeFX II XL, recorded directly through Ableton Live using MIDI programmed patch changes in our live-show-session.”

Be sure to follow Their Dogs Were Astronauts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as to listen to their upcoming album Dreamcatcher on Spotify and Bandcamp when it drops on February 6th.

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