THE ODIOUS CONSTRUCT Shred And Blast Their Way Through This Dual Drum And Guitar Playthrough Of “Shrine Of The Obscene”


Hailing from Sacramento, CA, melodic progressive death metal act The Odious Construct have been going at it hard since 2015, and in their relatively short time as a band have managed to pump out two stellar EPs: The Odious Construct in 2016 and their latest release Shrine of the Obscene this past October via The Artisan Era. With the release of the latter, drummer KC Brand and guitarist Ben Jackson have geared up to release this dual drum and guitar playthrough for the title track off the EP, only right here, on Gear Gods!

Now, we’ve covered bands doing multi-instrumental playthroughs here before, but some of the best ones come from the dudes just jamming out in a practice space together. As you can tell from this specific playthrough, both KC and Ben are dialed in. There’s no funny-business here; just two incredibly talented musicians shredding through a challenging track with the utmost focus and attention to detail. KC might be one of the most solid death metal drummers we’ve seen in a while here (just check out those blast beats!) and the control that Ben exhibits is truly something to admire, especially in this technical genre of metal. Nicely done, gents!

The dudes had the following to say about Shrine of the Obscene:

“This EP is a progression from the previous self-titled EP. While still melodic, there is more speed and technicality involved, and there is more experimentation with orchestra instruments. Thematically, the writing is still dark. The lyrics revolve around psychological disorders, horror, suicide, etc. The goal of this EP was to include more dynamics musically and more diverse instrumentation. We are still a melodic death metal band but we are incorporating more modern elements to the music stylistically.”

Be sure to stream and buy Shrine of the Obscene on the band’s Bandcamp, as well as follow ’em on Facebook and Instagram.

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