THE LAST OF LUCY – “Agarttha” Dual Guitar Playthrough


What is it about the sound of controlled, intentional chaos that excites us? Is it that, like a roller coaster, we have the comfort of knowing that we’re on a guided tour, but still get to feel the drop like we’ve jumped out of a plane with no parachute?

SoCal’s The Last Of Lucy are taking you on the ride of a lifetime in their song “Agarttha” from their recent full-length AshvatthaIt’s that kind of insanity that you know is carefully composed and that you’re safe in the passenger seat, but you’re in a for a wild chase because the driver is out of his mind.

Guitarists Gad Gidon and Christian Mansfield are those drivers today, so mash that play button and hold on for dear life!

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  • >agile and ltd guitars

  • This is super hot. Would love a bass playthrough from these guys one day.

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