THE HAUNTED – Ola Englund Plays Through “Brute Force” on a SKERVESEN SWAN


If you don’t know who Ola is this late in the game, cancel your YouTube Red subscription because you’re doing it all wrong. Besides his highly successful YouTube channel, he’s made a name for himself with his own project, Feared, and also as the lead guitarist in veteran Swedish death metal band, The Haunted.

A few weeks back Ola unboxed the snazzy Skervesen Swan that he’s pummeling in the above playthrough of “Brute Force.” Skervesen initially hit the fancy custom guitar world with their flagship Raptor model – a Blackmachine-esque superstrat. They’ve since added tons of nontraditional designs to their lineup, including Ola’s Swan that’s sounding pretty ridiculous in this performance.

Guitar talk aside, The Haunted have a new album coming out August 25th. You can preorder Strength in Numbers in any and all desired formats by following this link. 2017 is shaping up to be a decent year for metal releases, isn’t it?

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