THE CONTORTIONIST Knows What They’re Talking About with This Playthrough of “Language I” via POSITIVE GRID


Prog metal progressives The Contortionist couldn’t be more on the ball right now. They have been slowly rising through the metal ranks for what seems like forever, and have put out nothing short of masterful during their time. To prove it, they just put out a video with Positive Grid showing off the Bias FX and what it can do with their oldie-but-goodie “The Language I”. The video really solidifies Positive Grids place in the music world. The tones that come out of the Bias FX are pretty unbelievable. They can’t be stopped now.

The Contortionist just put out their latest master work Clairvoyant just a little while. You can find it on their website along with other Contortionist-y things.

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