THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – Alan Cassidy “Receipt” Drum Play-through

ARRRRGGGGGHHHH It’s the Black Dahlia Murder, get your fists in the air! Alan Cassidy blasts and smashes his way through this insanely tight drum play-through of “Receipt”, watch it and be jealous of his mad skills.


So there’s two types of people; people who love the Black Dahlia Murder and people who are wrong. This band is so phenomenally awesome it almost hurts. Every member possesses incredible musicianship in their own instrument as well as personality, it is literally impossible not to like this band. I’ve been hooked ever since I heard 2005’s Miasma. The track “A Vulgar Picture” was on some compilation CD I got with a magazine and as soon as it came through my speakers my face nearly fell off; the sheer power, speed, and aggression that these boys give off is next level and there is no band that I would say comes close in terms of pulling this type of music off this fuckin’ well.

Alan Cassidy joined the band in late 2012 shortly after the departure of Shannon Lucas, with big shoes to fill it seems Alan has had zero issue in making himself quite at home at the throne of TBDM, and this drum playthrough displays why this mofo’ is the chosen one; sitting pretty much inside his drum kit, Alan is a mass of flailing arms and legs, the precision and speed which he executes is truly unreal and the fact this song is so intricate and quick does nothing to affect how tight his playing is. Hats off to Alan for coming in and just destroying the place after Shannon really laid down the gauntlet.

If you aren’t aware of these guys already, then get to know them, because in my opinion they should be a shit ton bigger than they are, they deserve it simply for being so consistent from album to album. Add to that the fact they are extremely good at their craft and pretty funny guys too and you have a recipe for one of the best bands in death metal.

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