TEXTURES – Guitarist Joe Tal Riffs Through “Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand”

Textures are an unbelievable Dutch progressive metal band that have been doing the “modern” prog thing since waaay before it was cool. For reference, their debut album – Polars – came out in 2003. Even back then their sound resembled what we’ve come to generalize as “progressive metal” today, and they’re probably one of a handful of bands of this era that actually deserves the classification. To summarize, they’re sick.


In this playthrough, guitarist Joe Tal and his Ibanez Premium skillfully work through the odd riffs and dynamic shifts of “Shaping a Single Grain of Sand.” The track is the third from Phenotype, released in February of last year (someone should write a song with that last bit…). Phenotype is also the first part of what might be considered a double album. Genotype, recorded at the same time, is set for release sometime this year. Anyway. Enough jibber-jabber. Watch this:

I sincerely hope you were aware of Textures before this, but I’d also be happy to know you discovered something new today from your pals at Gear Gods. Either way, they’re deserving of our collective attention and this playthrough is no exception. For more updates on Genotype‘s imminent release and anything else Textures-related, click here.

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