TETRAFUSION’s J.C. Bryant Drum Playthrough for “Echo Chamber”

Peep your eyes on the technical wizardry of this drum playthrough of Tetrafusion’s “Echo Chamber” by J.C. Bryant, brought to you by the boss dudes at Vic Firth.


J.C. Bryant has a really easy to watch, smooth playing style, which coupled with the band’s techy/ambient sound makes me feel rather floaty, I like it. The band’s new album “Dreaming of Sleep” continues those vibes both in sound and appearance; check out the artwork, it really suits the textured and layered tunes that Tetrafusion create. You can get the album here and it’s definitely worth getting your ear holes around if you like this sort of cool, wavy, techy shiz.

J.C plays the American Classic® 3A from Vic Firth, these are perfect for a big meaty attack on your drum heads. If you want power but still wanna be able to maintain some speed and fluidity in your playing then these bad boys are highly suited for that – everyone likes a nice crack of a heavy stic, don’t they? As a drummer myself, I like to use a heavy stick for that added power, but it also helps with not breaking sticks so often, if you don’t have an endorsement then snapping sticks is a right ball ache for any drummer looking to have a good time. I’ve always found Vic Firth to be much sturdier and robust than their main competitors and have used them for a long time for this reason.

If you wanna try and play this shit as well, you can get some drum tabs here, good luck with that mate!

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