SVALBARD “Grayscale” Drum Playthrough

If you’re unfamiliar with Bristol UK’s Svalbard, then you are in for a big surprise. Mixing all the best elements of hardcore, black metal, and post-rock, they begin to wield a genre bend that I can only describe as “Svalbard”.


I recently had the privilege to watch Svalbard’s drummer, Mark Lilley, perform each night while on tour in Europe, and his always consistent playing is outright impressive beyond words. Although I find the band’s latest material, One Day All This Will End, is easily their best release for many reasons, I asked for a play through to the 2014 “Grayscale” because it showcases the many elements of Lilley’s playing all in a single song. Hard hitting blasts, quick d-beat changes while keeping time on his left foot, unique fill phrasing, frequent changes in song mode, and abrupt double kick tempo patterns, all in a humble way that serves the song instead of self indulgence makes him more than just a drummer, but a legit musician.

Pick up Svalbard’s latest album, One Day All This Will End, via Holy Roar Records now!