SPIRITBOX Team Up With POSITIVE GRID With This Shocking Guitar Playthrough For “Electric Cross”


Based in Victoria, BC, Spiritbox are a group truly on the up and up. After the release of their last single “Perennial” (stunningly beautiful music video below), the prog metal 3-piece dropped their second single of the year, entitled “Electric Cross”, and guitarist Mike Stringer teamed up with the good people at Positive Grid to bring you this exclusive guitar playthrough for that very song! Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!

Now guitar-wise, this track has quite a bit going on. From glassy clean polyrhythmic lines and washy, ambient sections to tight, mid-focused rhythm parts, the song speaks for itself and there’s a little bit of everything to go around. This band does an excellent job of fusing modern prog and deathcore elements with catchy, pop-centric vocals; all without feeling forced (which can be the crux of a lot of bands that attempt this sound). It should be mentioned too that all of the tones in this video were created using BIAS Amp 2 and BIAS FX, and those very tones are available for download on ToneCloud for all you BIAS users out there! You can learn more about BIAS Amp 2 on the Positive Grid website.

You can get this song here, and while you’re at it, be sure to follow Spiritbox on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to keep up with every new hype song they put out.

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