Soilwork Drummer Dirk Verbeuren Stabs the Drama at the Meinl Drum Festival

Among the things you missed by not attending  the Meinl Drum Festival in Gothenburg Sweden was a performance by Soilwork‘s Dirk Verbeuren. Fortunately the good folks at Meinl saw fit to document the festivities for you, so build a bronze alloy statue to your Norse god of choice in tribute. Below is Verbeuren performing the title track from Soilwork’s 2005 album Stabbing the Drama.


If I had to name two European gear manufacturers that bum me out because you rarely find them in the states, it would be Meinl and Engl, so I always appreciate videos that let me check out the sound of any of it. What’s especially usefully is the Meinl included a chart of the exact model of each of Dirk’s cymbals. It only pops up on the screen for a few seconds so I took the liberty of saving it for you. Consider it a solstice present. Stay cold and metal this winter, kids.


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