SOILWORK – Bastian Thusgaard – “The Ride Majestic” Drum Playthrough

Bastian’s here again, showing off his chops on Soilwork’s “The Ride Majestic” – check it:


Bastian Thusgaard has taken over at the helm of Soilwork from Dirk Verbeuren (as he joined Megadeth in 2016), and he has done a number of killer drum playthroughs of the band’s back catalogue, which showcase why he’s the right dude for the job even at such a young age. There’s a bright future ahead for this lad and it seems like he has proven himself in fitting some pretty big shoes.

This track is an absolute banger with some tricky parts spread throughout, Bastian manages to play the track like it’s the easiest thing in the world. There’s lots of trademark groove and fast/slow opposing parts as well as their classic melodies which makes it hard not to get into, and his drums sound fuckin’ amazing.

As you can see Bastian is pretty long and I can only imagine this is one reason he is so good at drums, having extra reach around the kit and all that.

He uses the following gear:

Yamaha Drums Absolute Hybrid Maple –
Jade Green Sparkle
1x AMB2218 kick
1x AMT1007 tom tom
1x AMT1208 tom tom
1x AMF1413 floor tom
1x AMF1615 floor tom
1x RRS1465 Recording Custom Snare

Yamaha Hardware
1x HS1200T hihat stand
1x CHH930 closed hihat holder
1x DS840 drum stool 1x SS950 snare stand
1x WS955A double tom stand
2x CSAT924 clamp
2x CH-755 cymbal arm long
5x CS965 cymbal stand Zildjian Cymbals
1x 10” Zildjian A Custom splash
1x 11” Zildjian FX Oriental trash splash
1x 10 Zildjian FX Spiral stacker
1x 12” Zildjian FX Oriental china trash
1x 13” Zildjian A Custom hihat
1x 14” Zildjian A Custom Mastersound hihat
1x 18” Zildjian A Custom Projection crash
1x 19” Zildjian A Custom Projection crash
1x 19” Zildjian Avedis Ultra Hammered china
1x 22” Zildjian A Custom Ping ride

Remo Drum Heads: Kick: Power stroke 3 clear Toms: Emperor clear Snare: Ambassador coated

Axis Pedals
Axis A Longboards

Rohema Percussion Rohema
5BX drum sticks

Check out the rest of his stuff here.

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