SILENMARA Bassist Is “A Darkened Visionary” In A Sunny Place (Miami!) In This Exclusive Playthrough


Silenmara bassist Boris Gomez takes his Kiesel Vader bass for a stroll through sunny downtown Miami, an unlikely place to have spawned such a brutal band as Silenmara. Their new EP A Darkened Visionary is far from the bright colors and well-lit (even at night!) sights of Miami, but that makes for a striking contrast that you can’t help but enjoy.

Following a turbulent few months for the band, melodeath outfit Silenmara have come back fighting with a polished EP called ‘A Darkened Visionary’ that promotes their fight for musical freedom.

Having fought through hurricanes, family deaths and constant delays on the production of the EP, Silenmara are now ready to unleash their masterpiece onto the world and look forward to reclaiming their fan’s hearts.

Hailing from Miami Florida, Silenmara is bringing melodic death metal back to the masses. Silenmara combines the best aspects of the two most iconic death metal schools in the world; the melodic flails of Sweden’s Gothenburg sound with Florida’s style of aggressive death metal.

Silenmara have shared the stage with the likes of Evergrey, Dark Tranquility, Nonpoint, Fear Factory, Scar Symmetry and more. 
2017 sees Silenmara embarking into a new era with the release of their fourth studio effort  “A Darkened visionary” EP. This EP welcomes new guitar player Marcus Noga, which has only broadened Silenmara’s musical horizons. Silenmara has also contracted the talented Giovanni Angel to engineer the EP and Jamie King (The Contortionist, BTBAM) to mix and master the record. The outcome is a very polished, matured and reenergised recording.

“This EP was very emotionally driven, we lost a few family members during the tracking process, that really hurt the progress at the beginning, but we did it. We powered through some pretty serious personal tragedies. We also had to deal with a Category 4 hurricane IRMA during the mixing process, that was also a bit of an inconvenience to say the least” says guitar player Jason Gato.

Fans of Melodic Death Metal of the Scandinavian variety, beware. Silenmara is here to stay, and not even a hurricane will stop them.

Reggie Miller – Vocals
Jason Gato – Guitar 
Marcus Noga – Guitar 
Boris Gomez – Bass
Adrian Perez – Drums 

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