SHREZZERS: Drummer Mark Mironov (Ex-BETRAYING THE MARTYRS) Rides The Lightning In This Exclusive Playthrough Of “Maverick”

Russian progressive metal outfit Shrezzers are the kind of band you need to see to believe. Headed by ex-Betraying The Martyrs drummer/vocalist Mark Mironov, the five-piece have been making their way through the metal scene with their unique brand of fusing technical metal with modern pop music. And to show you they mean business, we are pleased to present this exclusive drum playthrough by Mark for their song “Maverick” from their latest album Relationships, only right here, on Gear Gods!


Now, it’s no wonder the band got their name from the combination of their ability to play at ridiculous speeds and a certain porn website you might be familiar with because this track is both FAST and SEXY. Mark is an absolute monster behind the kit and the video proves it. It’s technical and ballsy, but with enough energetic and hooky rhythms to keep everything memorable. And to top it all off, the tune also features vocalist Aaron Matts of Betraying The Martyrs, and the dude completely slays all over this thing in the best possible way.

As for his kit, here’s what Mark is rocking:

  • K Sweet hi hat 15
  • K sweet crash 16
  • K sweet crash 19
  • K sweet ride 23
  • Oriental trash China 18
  • Zil bel 6
  • Oriental trash china 14
  • Evans drumheads promark sticks 
  • Fat custom drum

Be sure to get Relationships on the band’s Bandcamp and to follow these dudes on Facebook and YouTube for their latest tuneage. Shrezzers will also be touring Europe very soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more!

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