SCALE THE SUMMIT – Guitarist Chris Letchford Rips Noodles in “Astral Kids” Playthrough


As the Scale the Summit crew gears up for the release of In a World of Fear May 19th, guitarist Chris Letchford sat down for a playthrough of the album’s second track, “Astral Kids.” The song itself is a mellow ride overall in which Chris has incorporated a variety of techniques that make it an interesting watch as well as listen. Customarily impressive playing aside, though, the axe he’s got kind of steals the show in this playthrough.

In case you haven’t heard, Kiesel Guitars recently teamed up with Mr. Letchford to produce a signature series of headless/multiscale 6-, 7-, and 8-string guitars. Here he’s playing a CL7 in a stellar pink sparkle finish. I’d normally think a scheme like that would be more at home in a Steel Panther video, but damned if it just doesn’t work for the guy. Also, note to self: “get sparkle finish on next guitar.”

For a complete list of specs, ordering info, pricing, and imminent credit card debt, check out the Kiesel CL series page here. Be sure to also check out In a World of Fear, which you can currently preorder for only $5 on Bandcamp. There’re some ridiculous guest appearances from the likes of Yvette Young, Jeff Loomis, and Per Nilsson, just to name a few. Not too shabby, I’d say.

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