SARAH LONGFIELD Glows With This Guitar Playthrough of “Illuminate”


Sarah Longfield has been on the scene for a hot minute and she’s wasted no time in establishing herself as one of the foremost authorities on cutting-edge guitar techniques. I can remember playing a show back in 2013 with her band at the time where there was almost nobody in attendance, so it’s really sick to see that she’s branched out and is having such huge success with her solo music. Guitarists like Sarah, Tosin, and Yvette Young are players that I just have to admire from a distance because the two-handed stuff has always been so hard for me to nail down. It really is a totally unique take on the instrument.

Sarah recently announced that she was signing with Seasons of Mist. This track “Illuminate” from her new album Collapse//Expand features some insane two-handed techniques and fantastically beautiful sounding progressions and melodies. The song also features some great electronic and atmospheric sounds that provide a totally unique sonic environment for Sarah to work with. And that Strandberg isn’t too shabby either! As a fan of electronic music (as well as instrumental guitar pieces) I will FOR SURE be checking out the rest of this record, and you should too!

You can pick up Collapse//Expand on Bandcamp.

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