Rob Scallon Slaps Some Sense Into His 9-String

There are some who think that people who play extended range guitars should “just play a bass” or other such #daditude. I’m not sure if this video of YouTube maven Rob Scallon slapping the shit out of his 9-string Schecter in a sort of bass-like fashion will shut them up or further fuel the fire, but really, who gives a shit? Trolls gonna troll.


We already know Rob can slap, thanks to this video we brought you last week of him and Jared Dines slappitty slappin away. Now we see how it can be used in a more song-y context.

All I know is that this is an excellent example of what a 9 string guitar is good for. He’s using it’s extended range because it fits the composition and fills the sonic space, like a piano. And it sounds great. So listen and enjoy!

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