Rob Scallon and Jared Dines Have a Slap-Off

Normally, I would imagine a slap battle would consist of red handprints on faces and lots of crying. I’ve seen children have them over cheating at Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Wal-Mart customers on Black Friday over discount fishing rods, but never over the internet on YouTube!


Rob Scallon has established himself as a solid multi-instrumentalist and comic – and so has Jared Dines. So naturally, they needed to have a slap battle to determine who was the king of metal comedy. I’ll let you decide who comes out on top, rather than declaring a winner, but I think it’s pretty clear by the end. I think one of them is playing with a stacked deck, or maybe a few cards short of a full deck – either way, it’s a grande olde tyme.

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