ROB SCALLON Takes Us Half Way There in His “All Half Steps Song”


This decade seems to be all about making more out of less, unless of course you’re Yngwie Malmsteen and you know that more is always more. Anyways, headless guitars, lunchbox amps, tiny stomp boxes, and 0-1-0-1 DJONT riffz seem to have fully consumed the current market and you’d BETTER believe that YouTuber Rob Scallon has taken notice.

In his most recent video, he shows us that there is clearly no need to go all the way when it comes to intervals, by playing a song composed entirely of half-steps! Perhaps we can get some locally brewed kombucha, a unicycle, and a Toyota Prius to go along with those very aesthetically pleasing and minimalist intervals?

You can subscribe to Rob’s YouTube channel here.

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