RIVERS OF NIHIL – Guitarists Float in a “Reign Of Dreams” In New Playthrough

Rivers of Nihil Guitarist Jon Topore and Brody Uttley got together and shot a play through for “Reign of Dreams” from  Monarchy.   For this play through they both used the Revv Generator 120 amplifier.  This amp has been in a lot of videos lately and I have to say that it sounds awesome in all of them.  This is the signal chain they used for the play through: Revv Generator 120 -> Mesa Recto Standard OS cab w/ Celestion Vintage 30s -> 2x SM57 + Beta 57 + Slate VMS for room -> Apollo Thunderbolt w/ API Unison Preamps- Protools.  Also no post processing, including EQ, was used for the play through. Here are Jon and Brody with the play through.


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Lucas majored in Guitar/Music Technology at the University of Louisiana. He now uses this degree to decorate his wall.

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  • Awesome! I’ve never really been exposed to these guys but I’m a fan now. Sick fret work!

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