RINGS OF SATURN – “Unsympathetic Intellect” Live Audio Playthroughs

The myriad criticisms of Rings of Saturn usually revolve around some variation of the authenticity of the band’s performances. Accusations of half-speed recording, backing tracks for live performances, and general trickery abound. This has led to an interesting response from the band – this playthrough where they played in front of some clocks to demonstrate that it was done in realtime, and the below drum playthrough that has live audio, but a new outfit change in every camera angle. So, it’s safe to say that they’re having fun with it.


In this newest video, guitarist Miles Dimitri Baker (with three names prominently displayed, he’s destined to become a presidential assassin) plays through their tricky track “Unsympathetic Intellect”, once again with all live audio from the takes you see. This doesn’t necessarily mean it was all one take, but it’s incredibly impressive either way. Most people taking the time out of their Cheetos eating to criticize this couldn’t even get through one measure of this shit, so maybe keep your whining to yourself yeah?

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  • Mannn… I don’t know, i’am a big fan of technical death metal but i can’t get into Rings of Saturn… This guy is talented *more than Lucas Mann cof cof*, but i don’t know, this mix, this dynamic just annoys my eardrums.

  • Now that I’ve put my Cheetos down, I’ll point out that rings of Saturn suck as humans, regardless of their technical proficiency. Lucas is a prick of the highest order, and their songs are boring as well.

  • This isn’t music, this is garbage

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