RINGS OF SATURN – Aaron Stechauner “Inadequate” Drum Playthrough

So this is next level ridiculous. Watch Aaron Stechauner play “Inadequate” by the almighty Rings of Saturn:


Aaron literally makes this song look so damn easy to play it’s untrue. It’s like he’s playing the simplest drum track of all time in terms of how incredibly relaxed and at home he looks. His foot technique makes me feel weird because watching it and hearing it at the same time doesn’t seem to add up yet it sounds absolutely out-of-this-world ridiculously good. Keep a peeper out for the gravity blasts too, they come thick and fast and are executed to perfection. He’s literally so chilled out during the track that he even manages to squeeze in a little bit of pool with his mates, check it.

The mix of drums on this drum play through sound simply thunderous too and as I write this whilst listening to it are making me wanna put my keyboard through my monitor. The grooves are so nasty and fit so well with the rest of the song that it just goes to show why Rings of Saturn are at the head of the pack when it comes to this type of earth-shattering death metal. It’s literally a dream line up too with each member just being an unfathomably incredible musician which almost makes you sick.

Rings of Saturn release their new record Ultu Ulla on July 28th, be sure to pre-order it/go buy it and get ready for the invasion (the artwork is mad).

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