RECORRUPTOR Stay Speedy in “Tormented Egress” Dual Guitar Playthrough

The Midwest has given rise to some seriously great musical acts over the years. Michigan specifically has spawned such acts as The Black Dahlia Murder, Boreworm, Battlecross, and uh… Eminem, to name a few. Well, step aside, Slim Shady, because Recorruptor just showed up and they’re about to drop a metric frick-ton of riffs on our heads.


Lansing, Michigan based technical/progressive death metal band Recorruptor will drop their sophomore LP entitled The Funeral Corridor on August 21st. This new album is a follow up to their 2017 album, Bloodmoon. The Funeral Corridor was recorded and mixed at Broken Monolith Studios and mastered by Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley. You can preorder the album on Bandcamp right now.

In this playthrough for the track “Tormented Egress” we see guitarists Caleb Susman and Seth Earl blazing through a sea of technical rhythm and lead chops over a foundation of blast beats and double bass. Caleb can be seen ripping a beautiful Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 BFR and Seth fits right in with his absolutely gorgeous Kiesel Zeus ZM7.

Vocalist Clint Franklin had the following to say about this track:

Tormented Egress is one of my favorite tracks on the record because I feel like it not only encapsulates the overall attitude of the nine tracks, but it also showcases Seth’s writing capabilities in the highest fashion. With Bloodmoon (the debut), a lot of those songs were written before Seth was in the band full time. Now we are at a point where we can utilize his extremely unique take on how brutality is displayed in death metal.

I’ve played in bands with Seth since we were both 14 years old, and he has always puzzled me with how his brain processes the art of guitar. He’s an interesting player, and the way he utilizes his influence and creativity throughout his craft is in peak performance – not only on Tormented Egress, but on the entire record.

Tormented Egress was the first song we completed in the studio, and we knew it was going to be the leading single of the album from the very start. When we heard that song fully recorded…even the most raw take of the song got everyone in the band stoked as hell for what was to come. It set an impeccable tone for the rest of the process.

Recorruptor as a band goes on to state:

The Funeral Corridor is a testament to everything that Recorruptor embodies, from sheer velocity to concrete weight in the guitar riffing, the blasting drums, and the catastrophic vocalization. The Funeral Corridor is a concept record, creating one large story dealing with acceptance in loss, the inner decline of man, and the futility of disobeying the natural law of order. This is all set in a vivid landscape of terror, displayed through mystically dark euphemism and emotional grief. As the lyrics paint the picture, the instrumentation is the foundation and matches the idea of the lyricism in a pleasantly horrifying manner.

Recorruptor – The Funeral Corridor Tracklist
1. The Funeral Corridor
2. Tormented Egress
3. Souls of Limbo
4. Blessed Obsession
5. Moribund
6. Watchful Eyes in the Temple of Aspiration
7. Amidst the Breathless, I Weep
8. Bestow Upon Me Pure Death
9. Forever in Exile of Darkness

Recorruptor – The Funeral Corridor Line-Up
Clint A. Franklin – Vocals
Seth Earl – Guitars
Josh Moore – Drums (Summon)
Alex Schmidt – Bass (From Blue To Gray)
Dustin Cook – Guitars

Caleb Susman’s Rig: Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 BFR, Mesa Triple Rectifier, Orange Cab, Airis Effects Savage OD, ISP Decimator noise gate, Mogami cables, Ernie ball 8 String pack (Excludes 74 gauge), and Dunlop Jazz III XL picks.

Seth Earl’s Rig: Kiesel Zeus ZM7, Fishman Fluence Modern pickups, Kemper Powered Rack (using Brody Uttley Mesa Triple Rectifier Profile from ToneCrate), Mesa Boogie 2×12 Cab, Shure GLXDR4 wireless, Dunlop Jazz III picks, D’Addario NYXL 7 string 11-64 gauge.

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