PROTEST THE HERO: Guitarist Tim MacMiller Rides The Waves Through This Playthrough of “Harbinger”


Protest The Hero are a band who need no introduction at this point. The Ontario-based act have been blowing minds in the metal and hardcore scenes since their 2005 debut LP Kezia, which set the bar high for themselves and similar bands. And now, guitarist Tim MacMiller is here via Kiesel Guitars to play through their song “Harbinger” off their 2016 release Pacific Myth!

In classic PTH fashion, this song is jam-packed with seemingly hundreds of little goodies and gems. From catchy hooks and shreddy moments to tasteful chord progressions and delicate piano swells, this 6-minute beast really does have something for everyone. And needless to say, Tim positively shreds the hell out of this tune, as well as lays down some beautiful keys to boot!

You can get your hands on Pacific Myth here and get the tabs for it here. Lastly, to check out the guitar Tim used in this playthrough, check it out on the Kiesel Guitars website!

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