POH HOCK of NATIVE CONSTRUCT Releases First Solo Song Playthrough For “Evil Eye”


Native Construct/Replacire guitarist Poh Hock has officially released his first playthrough for his debut solo EP ĀTMA, entitled “Evil Eye”! The young musician‘s EP will be out March 8th, and in the meantime, he has released this absolute banger of a track to satiate the masses. The playthrough was filmed and edited by the talented Iskandar Tajuden, and is brought to you in glorious 4K resolution so you can see every detail of this stellar performance. Check it!

Now, I can tell you that I’ve heard some of the new material and it is fucking gorgeous. I wouldn’t put it that way if it weren’t absolutely warranted, but holy hell, the dude’s music is beautifully composed, both heavy and musical as all get-out, and the production is absolutely glowing. It’s everything I’ve personally ever wanted and I’m sure many listeners will agree once it drops on March 8th.

For the love of all things holy, preorder the new EP ĀTMA here and give him some love on Facebook and Instagram. You’re not gonna wanna miss this dude.

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