NATIVE CONSTRUCT Guitarist MYLES YANG Releases New Episode of Music Theory Course “Music With Myles”


This one is for all the prog kids out there. You may be familiar with the band Native Construct, whose progressive metal and rock stylings made a debut with their album Quiet World back in 2017. While the band has been a little under the radar as of late, guitarist Myles Yang has been hard at work on a music theory video series, aptly titled “Music With Myles”, in which he covers all manner of music theory topics. The first episode was released last year, and boy howdy was it a smashing success. The lessons are gorgeously put together, extremely polished, and chock-full of useful information for musicians at any level, which is why this latest episode on substitute dominants gets us all the more excited. Check it!

Pretty impressive, right? And because this is a one-man operation, these episodes take a lot of effort to put together. But despite the workload, Myles has promised new bi-weekly episodes on the Music With Myles YouTube Channel, so be sure to go over and subscribe to keep your theory wits about you! You can also follow the Music With Myles Facebook page, as well as support this wonderful endeavour on his Patreon page.

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