PALADIN: Open Your Eyes And Ears For This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough For “AWAKENING”

That’s right, thrash/power metal act Paladin are back and better than ever! Guitarist/vocalist Taylor Washington is here with us at Gear Gods yet again to show you how it’s done on the band’s song “Awakening” off their most recent album Ascension! If you’re not that awake reading this right now, this song is about to change that.


Rocking his gorgeous LTD Elite ST-1, Taylor shreds this tune to pieces with ease. This track is all about the intensity it carries until the very end, and the man’s playing demonstrates that beautifully. Vibrato-laden leads, tight palm muting riffs, and Taylor’s soaring vocals all combine to form a true power metal banger here, and if you’re a fan of metal in any capacity, there’s at least something here for you to swoon over!

Be sure to get Ascension here, as well as to check these guys out on the road on one of their upcoming tour dates below:

  • 06/15 Atlanta, GA @ 529
  • 06/21 Gainesville, GA @ Mule Camp Tavern
  • 07/19 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn

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