PAINTED IN EXILE Show Off Guitar Mastery in This Playthrough for “DM”


Usually, guitar playthroughs feature a couple of long-haired dudes sitting in a bedroom, or outdoors in a delightful sunlight. Well, forget all of that because Painted In Exile is here to turn the whole format on its head. The string slingers in residence Ivan Chopik and Marc Lambert put out a playthrough for the song “DM” that might as well be the official music video for the song. Seriously, just add a couple of shots of the rest of the Painters and you gotcherself a hit. The video style perfectly reflects the mood of the song, which is always a bonus for these things. Good on the boys for breaking the mould the right way.

“DM” Comes from the band’s latest and only album The Ordeal which you can find along with all of their other tunes on their Bandcamp page. Check out their Facebook and tell them to quit hoarding all of the new music for themselves and let the rest of us have some. Sheesh, the nerve of some people.

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