OH, SLEEPER: Guitarist Shane Blay Lays Waste To This Guitar Playthrough Of New Song “Decimation & Burial”

Texas-based metal group Oh, Sleeper have been around for well over a decade and have influenced many players in the modern metal scene. In anticipation for the release of their upcoming album Bloodied / Unbowed, the group has released this playthrough by guitarist Shane Blay for the new song “Decimation & Burial”!


If you’re a long-time Oh, Sleeper fan like myself, it’s pretty cool to see the group’s evolution in sound while still retaining some of the elements that gave them their sound in the first place. Blay’s playing here is tight and controlled, and the riffs are brooding and dissonant with just enough momentum to keep everything moving. We’re stoked to hear the full album when it drops June 12th.

Be sure to pre-order the Bloodied / Unbowed here.

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