OBSCURA’s Rafael Trujillo Defies The Laws of Physics With This Guitar Playthrough of “Diluvium”


German progressive death metal masters Obscura are just one of these bands that have me analyzing their music over and over again. The sheer technicality of their songwriting always has me picking up my guitar, trying to write something even remotely similar, and then realizing I should just stop because I am not a worthy guitar player. They are one of these kinds of bands. And in anticipation of their newest record Diluvium, set to be released July 13th, 2018 through Relapse Records, the band has just released this very special guitar playthrough of the title track. And yes, it makes me feel just as bad.

In the playthrough, guitarist Rafael Trujillo tears things up magnificently (on his Kiesel DC700, we might add). With so much control and focus throughout this 5-minute beast of a track, Trujillo makes everything look so goddamn easy. Through that classic Obscura blend of melodic lead playing, swirling dissonance, and ridiculous trem-picking, Trujillo is bound to blow the socks off any musician out there, and the track is an absolute banger. I actually found myself stopping the video at times, finger pointed at my computer screen, screaming existential questions like “WHY?” and “HOW?”. That’s a good thing, of course.

You can pre-order Diluvium on the band’s website, and watch the official music video for the song here. Be sure to hurry up on those pre-order bundles though, because they are going fast. And of course, don’t forget to follow these dudes on Facebook for all the latest tour dates and deets. I’m going to go burn my guitars now.

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