OBITUARY – “No” Drum Playthrough by Donald Tardy

Cool beards and death metal, what more would you want from a drum playthrough? Get crushed by this video of the imaginatively titled “No” by death-metal heavyweights Obituary.


There’s some speedy hand and footwork going on in this riffstorm of a tune. Donald Tardy keeps things relatively simple but at the same time is solid as a rock, also showing he can play the track in a windbreaker as well as shirtless (which is always good to know). The track packs some trademark Obituary sludgey grooooove that has made the Florida swamp masters so established in their field, and Donald does the track a great justice with his constant relentless double kick action and pounding snare drum.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the band myself but they’re obviously doing something right to still be going after all this time and to still be one of the front-runners of the genre which they have helped create and define. They’ve always had that mid-pace attack which for me is a bit too slow and stomping, but I guess that’s their point and a tonne of people dig it so all power to them.

You can get their recently released, self-titled record now right here out on Relapse Records, pretty cool that they have waited until now to release an album they can get behind enough to simply call OBITUARY. Long live death metal.

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